Expand your Hairstyling Business by Offering Hair Loss Consultations!

How many times have you worked with a client only to notice they were losing their hair?

Other than “cover ups”, what solutions were you able to offer?

Imagine being able to offer your client solutions to effectively regain their hair without potions, lotions or notions? Now you can effectively address your client’s hair loss…

Why Us

  • For over 10 years, we have been training hair stylists how to turn hair loss challenges into hair loss success stories.
  • Consistently, we show hair stylists how to generate more income without taking a toll on their bodies.
  • Many stylists find this training is what has taken their business into a new and more exciting direction while generating more hourly than they thought possible.
  • We believe in providing the BEST solutions for every hair loss client by educating the stylists on the underlying causes behind the hair loss and teaching them what solutions are possible.
  • Imagine speaking with your client with loving care about their hair loss and then providing a solution that gives them their life back.  Hair loss can feel like life loss.
  • You have the power to give more life, self-esteem, hope and confidence to your clients.  There is nothing more rewarding than to empower your client’s life.

I generated results IN THE MIDDLE of my training course with Trichology Success Academy.

Our Goal is to…

Put hairstylists in a position of solving ALL their client’s hair loss challenges and give their clients hair loss options instead of using cover ups as the only solution. With our training, you will be able to…


yourself as a solution to a problem that most hair stylists ignore or avoid – opening yourself up to more referrals and business from your entire contact list. 


solutions that benefit your client in a way that makes them want to invest in you as a consultant not a stylist.


your expertise in a way that differentiates you from every other stylist and allows you to command top dollar from every client.

You are invited to discover for yourself how to become a high demand hair loss specialist generating $150 per hour or more so you can grow your business without taking a toll on your body.